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Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Networking and Compact Laser Printer Review

If you’ve been looking for a fantastic laser printer – wireless laser printer, no less – and then you need look no further than the Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Networking and Compact Laser Printer.

Hands down one of the very best laser printers ever produced for light commercial and residential applications, and this compact laser printer is going to provide you with years and years of high printing quality – at a fraction of the price you would have spent on comparable inkjet printers!

Brother laser printers have always been some of the very best, but this one might be the king of them all

In the printer world there are really only a handful of “elite level” printer companies, but Brother has been at the top of the list for years and years now in the laser printer world. First producing amazing commercial printers designed for heavy action in high-powered businesses, their small, compact, wireless laser printers (like this one) have quickly become the go to solution for millions around the globe.

You’re going to find ridiculously high quality construction materials used throughout this specific printer, alongside groundbreaking technology that you won’t find anywhere else at this price tag. There is a very real reason why so many people continue to invest in this Brother laser printer, and if you decide to “pull the trigger” on the purchase you’re going to fall in love with it as well.

Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Laser Printer

Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Laser Printer

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Incredible 27 page per minute speed without sacrificing any quality whatsoever

Capable of producing 27 pages per minute pumped out in duplex print format no less (both sides of the page being printed on at the exact same time), this is definitely one of the more groundbreaking printers available on the market right now – especially one that’s available at this price tag.

Sure, it only prints in black and white – but there are only a handful of color laser printers out there and many of them cost three or four times as much as this one does. If you’re looking for a reliable monochrome printer that can spit almost 30 pages of double-sided printing in a minute (but that’s one page every single second if you count each side), you’re not going to find anything better than this one.

Starter cartridge will get you going – but “high-capacity” cartridge will keep you going

You’re going to find a starter cartridge included with the Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Networking and Compact Laser Printer that should be good for about 1000 pages or so, but it’s worthwhile to invest in the “high-capacity” ink cartridge as soon as humanly possible.

This is going to allow you to print up to 3000 pages with no headaches or hassles whatsoever – and it is the exact same size as the starter cartridge that this Brother laser printer ships with. It would have been nice if Brother shipped the high-capacity cartridge with each and every one of their laser printers, but it’s understandable why they didn’t.

Still, we’re talking about being able to print 1000 pages off before you have to purchase any ink at all – and with the way that laser printer ink cartridges (also known as toner) have been dropping over the last few years you’re going to find it to be an incredibly economical decision.

Final verdict

There are a handful of other options out there in the laser printer world, but none of them – NONE of them – can even compete with the Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Laser Printer. Hands down the best of the best, you can have to be crazy to go with anything else.

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