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In this article we’ll be reviewing the Wireless Canon PIXMA MG3220 Color Photo Printer featuring Copier and Scanner along with all of the features it offers as a wireless printer. Now this market is one of great competition, with thousands of wireless printers available on the market it can be hard to choose the correct one, so in this review we’ll be analyzing every aspect of the Canon PIXMA MG3220 Printer in depth to give you a real view as to how it performs amongst its competitors.

To utilize the wireless function of this printer you’ll need to have a wireless router which is both connected to your computer (the one that you’ll be printing from)and then connected to the printer itself to make sure that your work is received and then printed quickly.

What to Expect with PIXMA MG3220

The print quality itself is incredible, Canon are a respectable company due to the fact that they produce high quality products which perform at an incredible rate and this wireless printer is no exception. Whether you’re printing family photos, holiday snaps or just a piece of black and white homework the Canon PIXMA MG3220 Photo Printer performs amazingly. Most household printers will slowly squeeze out each picture, taking their time to get your documents on to a blank piece of paper. The Canon works at an exceptional rate and prints extremely high quality pictures quickly, meaning that you won’t have to pitch a tent next to your PC waiting for the printer to finish up and then turn off.

Canon PIXMA MG3220 Wireless Printer review

Canon PIXMA MG3220 Wireless Printer

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Printer Capabilities

You also have the chance to print directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad if you choose to. Beforehand you may have had to download a third party app and then sync the connection up between the device and your printer over your wifi connection, but the Canon PIXMA MG3220 Wireless Photo Printer allows you to print your documents straight from your Apple product without any issues whatsoever.
It has a great finish which means that it’ll fit nicely into any office setting, so if you’re worrying about whether or not it’ll clash with the leather on your office chair then you don’t need to sweat it. The silver colouring is industry standard for a good reason, so have confidence!


Straight from the beginning you’ll see that the Canon PIXMA MG3220 Wireless Photo Printer is an incredibly easy printer to use and set up right out of the box, with clear instructions that actually make sense and buttons that are easily pressed instead of practically forcing them through the floor like you’d find on lower quality competing printers., which is always a nice addition to the printer.
You also get a 1 year warranty as standard from Canon, meaning that if the printer itself starts to break down, print slower or lack in quality then you’ll be covered and won’t have to pay an extensive charge to get it either repaired or replaced, which is another great benefit that Canon offers.

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