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The compact design of the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless Printer, Copier and Scanner allows printing directly from Tablets and smartphones. Featuring AirPrint capabilities this makes it a gorgeous addition to Espon’s family of wireless printers that you can buy at an incredible price with the benefit of great features to go along with it.

Overview and Setup

Generally speaking the cost you pay for the printer comes in two forms: you’ll pay a cheap price and your bank account will still be your friend but you’ll also be looking at buying add on’s or suffering the consequences of using a cheap model, meaning that you’ll be struggling to print high quality pictures or use an external USB slot to easily print from your camera directly.

Luckily, the Espon XP-400 comes complete with a list of amazing features at a low price, a unique combination which is almost unheard of in the market of wireless printers!

As a great start to your Espon XP-400 experience you’ll be greeted with an incredibly smooth set up stage that can be completed in a minimal amount of steps without any prior technical knowledge, a feature that’s also helping to establish the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless Printer as one of the best budget printers on the market.

Despite the fact that you get a drivers CD with the printer itself the actual drivers on there will inevitably be out-dated which means you’ll be prompted to download the latest updates from Espon’s homepage on their website. It’s a small but vital download that you’ll need to do, but don’t worry this is the most time consuming part of the process!

Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless Printer review

Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless Printer

Check Price of the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless Printer

As the drivers are downloading swivel your chair around to the printer and turn it on (providing you’ve already put the cable in and turned the plug on..), you can now start to set up the connection between your PC and the printer and get those photos out as soon as the download has finished! Put in the ink cartridges (a simple process with the XP-400 unlike with other printers) and switch on the LCD screen on the top of the printer. From here you’ll need to type in your wireless network key so make sure that your router is on, and you’ll be set!

Printing Process

Moving onto the print quality of the XP-400! This feature is generally the deciding factor in many wireless printer purchases which means that you’ll instantly love the XP-400. With an incredible quality of print you’ll be able to get your photos and documents printed out in no time at all. Don’t worry if the test documents came out slowly when you first used the printer, they’re there to make sure that each function is working as intended and it’s a lot faster after this process!

Another great part of the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless Printer is the copying function, yet another addition to the already incredible printer. With a fast scan time combined with the already mentioned fast printing speed that it has to offer, it’s a great little feature to have!

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