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In this review article we’ll be taking a look at the Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless Printer, Copier, Scanner and Fax and how it performs amongst its competitors in the wireless printer market.

The Design and Setup

You’ll instantly be greeted with a gorgeous printer straight from the box once it’s been delivered. With a sleek black finish you can easily add it into your office, study or even kitchen without any concerns that it will look out of place which is a great way to start the review!

Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless printer review

Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless printer

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The set up stage is a swift process if your wireless network is already set up, meaning that you’ll be able to take it out of the box, plug in the cables and then get it on within a matter of minutes.

When you first start connecting the printer up to your network to print off your photos and documents it’s recommended that you add in the wireless key before you begin installing the drivers to your computer to make the process quicker and easier for you.

Once you’ve been greeted with the wireless key entry prompt and put in your network key, you can go to your PC and install the drivers straight from the disc within a few minutes and then select the “printer already connected to network option” which will allow you to get it all up and running in no time at all! The set up phase is probably the most daunting for any printer user, which is a breeze when you’re using the Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless Printer.

Printing Quality and Speed

The print quality of the WF-2540 is amazing and easily the key feature for this particular wireless printer. You’ll struggle to find a different printer within the same price range that offers print quality at this level, which is an extremely good feature. You’ll be able to print with the confidence that your photos won’t come out with insulting levels of quality that render the printer absolutely useless like you may find with alternatives. Once you start to experience the degree of quality that this printer offers you’ll fall in love, just like many others have done!

The printer has a USB port which you can directly connect your camera to if you’re printing from internal storage. This feature itself isn’t seen very often on cheaper wireless printers so the fact that this printer has it is an amazing aspect of the entire printer. It may seem like a small addition to the overall printer but you’ll be surprised just how often you’ll be using it!

Another great feature to mention on the Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless Printer is the automatic paper feeder which will let you print or copy multiple pages without the need to replace each individual piece of paper. A great addition to the already incredible printer that’s easily making competing products make a run for their money! Overall, the printer is well worth the money –it boasts some advanced features that make it a good choice in the business office environment, while maintaining the kind of simplicity that makes for a convenient and high quality home use printer as well.

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